Valueble Optional Services on Demands

IV Curve Test

IV Curve test is performed on string level to allow the operator to determine the module performance which can be applied on the following:

  • Performance analysis
  • Support for module warranty claims

Drone Inspection

Drone inspection allows the owner to have a big picture of the site. The drone can be applied into different purposes, e.g.: 

  • Areal Pictures; and
  • Thermographic Inspection of PV module

Thermographic Inspection

Thermographic inspection helps the owner to inspect operation condition of different equipment and allows the operator to detect potential of malfunctions or low performance without stopping the operation. The thermographic inspection can cover:

  • PV modules;
  • Inverter connections;
  • Electrical terminals;
  • String combiner boxes; and
  • Transformer, etc.

Source: United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs – Regional Office for Asia and Pacific (OCHA ROAP)

Plant inspection after natural hazards

Natural disasters can happen anytime and leave visible or invisible damages on the site. Plant inspection after natural disaster events can help the owner to detect such damages and take prompt action to limit the damages on time